The Optical Imaging Core Facility (OICF) offers a wide variety of technical services to the investigator.  These include:

    Imaging Services: Imaging can be performed either during normal business hours (8:30 AM - 5:00 PM, Monday – Friday) by the OICF’s staff, or after-hours by individuals who have been trained by the OICF’s Animal Imaging Specialist and certified by the OICF’s Technical Director.

    Training:  For unsupervised after-hours work, the OICF’s staff provides instrument and procedural training to qualified individuals; to ensure animal welfare, user safety, and imaging success.  Training in animal handling and monitoring, contrast agent administration, general anesthesia, and hardware/software use is provided by the OICF’s Animal Imaging Specialist, subject to the OICF’s Technical Director’s review.  Certification for after-hours access to the Facility is provided by the OICF’s Technical Director and requires the trainee’s successful completion of all pertinent OICF training modules and verification of access privileges to Carlson Animal Research Facility (CARF).

    Experimental Design & Consultation Services:  The OICF staff also provides assistance, upon request, in the design of individual imaging experiments and protocols.  Such support can range from the simple logistics of animal handling and imaging protocol implementation, to the design and development of hardware and software tailored to the needs of a specific study.  Additional services offered by the OICF include data reduction, statistical analysis, and post-acquisition image processing and enhancement.

    Fees for these services can be found here.